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Erik Slack Explores Key Indicators of Success

What makes an industry standard business like Pest Control successful?

utpc-previewIs it their consistently honest business practices and customer relationships or is it being on the cutting-edge of technology that expands their niche in the market?  Today’s website review is about University Termite and Pest Control head-quartered in Tucson, AZ, but serving all of Arizona.  They’re bragging all of the above, so if you’re looking for a company with the key indicators for success, you’ll find it in this one.

Disclaimer:  Slack Sites has been given permission by Merge Left Marketing to write blog highlights about new websites Erik Slack has produced.  It’s important to note that Slack Sites is not affiliated with Merge Left Marketing–though they’re awesome and we love them–nor are we affiliated with their clients for whom Erik makes these websites for.  The point of these posts is only to highlight projects that expanded the career of Erik Slack, our CEO, to open up future business opportunities in his career and to demonstrate the knowledge and skills behind Slack Sites.


It’s been a pleasure working on the UTPC website for a number of reasons.  One reason is that the client has a very specific vision of what their brand is and how the website needs to reflect that brand.  With some companies professionalism takes precedence over aesthetic, but with this project I got to be creative and use beautiful color combinations to design their theme.  

Open Innovation - onCollaboration

Working on this project I’ve been able to work with the marketing genius of Martin Perez, President of Merge Left Marketing, and other leading professionals in the marketing industry.  The images, verbiage, and change requests I’ve received from them have been insightful and in many ways inspired.  For example we had a decent header worked out, but Martin came along with a new header image that had darker colors and harmonized with the rest of the website in a way that just made everything else look better without attracting too much attention from the primary content.


The client had a lot of requests for specialized functionality for their website.  Most companies in this day and age have at least a website with some information legitimizing their business and opening up channels of communication with clients and perspective clients–this is good.  What’s a heck of a lot better though is making a website for your clients with specialized content that further rewards paying customers for the business and allows them to pay their bills online.  Astronaut_on_MoonOn top of that they have an engaging social media platform going that’s going to offer a free public service of high-quality information that will be useful to home-owners, renters, and businesses alike.  Is there an epidemic of bedbugs or perhaps a crisis where over-populated beetles are devastating crops and gardens?  University’s new website is going to let you know about all the important pest-related issues–and they deal with all kinds of pests not just insects.

The challenge behind this for the web designer is making their vision become a reality.  A good web designer needs to know the best solution to the clients’ needs and I’ve found WordPress to be the best solution to most of those needs.  Still having a basic knowledge of WordPress and HTML isn’t enough–the best web designers will also know css, javascript, some php and jquery.  The best WordPress designers will know how to find the best plugins and how to structure the website in the best way to promote Search Engine Optimization and visual aesthetic to reduce bounce rate.

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You Want It All. Slack Sites. We Get It.

Slack Sites is sporting a fresh new business strategy and to show you how serious we are about meeting your website design expectations we’ve given our own website a brand new face.

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how we can deliver the best possible product to our clients and we’ve come up with 4 key qualities that our customers care the most about in their websites.  They are…
  • You want it to capture people’s attention.  Get beautiful.
  • You want it to make your numbers grow.  Get results.
  • You want it to run fast and make life easier.  Get powerful.
  • You want it your way.  Get custom.

You want it all.  
At Slack Sites we get it.

We are dedicated to giving each and every customer exactly what they’re looking for, so if you’re in the market to buy a website, you’ve come to the right place.  Slack Sites is the perfect blend of creative and efficient and while our focus is on making sexy websites we are so good at working with you and your needs that you’ll find us pretty sexy too.

slidepageslider2Don’t sacrifice your website dreams because you’re looking for a cheap deal, for with the internet can only return on what you put into it.  If you want a website that will increase your sales and customer service reputation then be ready to pay well for it.  Then watch as your website pays for itself within the first year. 

Still, if you’re looking for something more modestly affordable, that’s okay too!  Because at Slack Sites we get it!  Not everyone has the capital ready for that kind of competitive corporate advantage, but if you’re a small company like we are then we’ve got a deal that fits your budget.  

slidepageslider3Contact us, we’ll schedule a mutually good time to talk, and then we’ll discuss how we can best tailor your website to suit every need you may have–even those needs that we know about that you’ve never even thought of before.  Hey isn’t that why you came to us?  We’re the experts.

If you’re curious about how we make websites, take a look at our process and you can pre-navigate our step-by-step process, or if you’d prefer you can schedule a time when we can walk you through it.

Let’s make this world a better place, shall we?  We’ll start by making a better website for you.

Erik Slack

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  • Erik Slack is something of a wizard when it comes to crafting websites. The work he’s done with the KNHR and Gourmet News websites is little short of astounding. Keep up the good work, Erik! Hayden Neeley
    Tucson, AZ
  • It is my pleasure to recommend Erik Slack to you when building your next website…he’s efficient, responsive to our needs, and very cost-effective, and we’ve been very pleased with the service he has provided. Lorrie Baumann, Editorial Director